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Radical Gallery


The Radical Gallery St Leonards is a gallery space that has been activated in Norman Road, St Leonards.  The gallery runs from one end of Norman Road to the other and contains a number of sensational art works that have been activated by the artist Cliff Stevenson.


The gallery was activated as part of a Project 78/De La Warr Pavilion event on 25 July 2015.  Inaugural tours of the gallery were given by the artist on that day.


The Project 78 Gallery has invited Stevenson back for a 10 day residency from Thursday 27 August to Saturday 5 September 2015.  During this period the artist will be present in the gallery daily, further activating the works and the gallery space.  Daily tours of the gallery will also take place.


The Radical Gallery is founded on the Radical Gallery proposition which takes radical equality as its starting point.  It presupposes no fixed definition of terms such as art, artist and gallery. Focusing on the viewer’s experience, the Radical Gallery aims to activate art works outside established conventions and codes.  This not only proposes radical ideas on the definition of art, it also offers new insights on urban regeneration, economic policy, self development and the meaning of life. Radical Galleries have also been activated in Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Bexhill.  For further information see


The artist will be in the Project 78 gallery daily from 27 August to 5 September 2015. The gallery will become his sketchbook as he further experiences the art works.  Come and talk with the artist and explore the activation process and the work produced in response to the works of the Radical Gallery.  In addition, take a tour of the Radical Gallery St Leonards and see the art works activated before your eyes.

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