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Trees & Keys - Installation/AV Performances


As part of Overlap’s touring audio-visual show, Aquatint, Trees & Keys electrifies visions and arrangements of the tree. Combining their melodic-minimal music and visual multi layering, referencing the textural mastery of printmakers such as Hercules Seghers , Overlap create an atmospheric and romantic look at the middle distance - tree.


The title Trees & Keys refers to both the moods of trees in relation to musical keys and the act of keying images through each other - a practice that goes back via analogue vision mixers (TV), to the process of reworking etchings, e.g. Rembrandt’s adding imagery to Hercules Seghers plates years after his death.


The piece/mixes at Project 78 are created using ongoing real time mixing processes. On Saturday the Ist and 8th of October from 2pm - 5pm, Overlap will be at Project 78 creating new mixes for the following week/s.


Recent Overlap works explore the relationship between still and moving imagery through use of discreet picture planes, obscuration techniques and implied motion within transitions. The view is in movie time but limited to flat photographic space, seen through a perceptual keyhole more akin to memories and dreams.


Overlap’s melodic minimalist music is created alongside their imagery. Experiments with sound and image are distilled into single screen pieces - Lazy Wave, Running Forest, Nearfield - useful components for mixing into audiovisual polyphonies in installations and live performances. Inspired by landscape in all its forms, Overlap’s working process involves adding and removing layers, degrees of opportunism and systematized chance. 

Overlap will make available a limited edition of 28 individually numbered USB keys containing a 12 minute mix of Trees & Keys, a ‘transitional painting’ H264 HD video file with soundtrack, with edition numbered certificates of authenticity.


Also available is a limited edition of 28 prints on 310 gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching  paper, 12 x 16 inches plus borders, signed by the artists.

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