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Warping Threading Weaving Drawing


'You can go anywhere from anywhere'

21/11/18 - 08/12/18


Working at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut in 2014, Ismini Samanidou and Simon Barker restored three looms that had been owned and used by Anni Albers, an artist who at that time was still rather overshadowed by the reputation of her famous husband. This exhibition presents the paper weaving, installation, sound and video works that Ismini and Simon made during their stay in Connecticut and since, inspired by their encounter with Anni Albers through her archive.

Some of this work has previously been exhibited at Espace de l'Art Concret in 2015 and at the Hangzhou Triennial of Fibre Art in 2016, and is shown in this country for the first time.

Simon Barker’s film, warping, threading weaving drawing, is currently showing as part of the major respective of Anni Albers’ work at Tate Modern.

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