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13/08/2022 - 03/09/2022

A gathering is Part 2 of a continuing artistic engagement – a residency for artist Peter Fillingham at Project 78 Gallery this summer.


The exhibition began with his invitation to an unfixed number of artists and writers, most of whom he has worked with for many years. Each has made contributions critical to his vision of the project, offering fragments and glimpses of their practice. ‘A gathering glorifies conversations,’ says Fillingham.


The works are presented in different forms and at various stages of evolution. Older works sit with new, and ‘re-staged’ works are installed collectively within the critical conditions of the project space.


Fillingham has aimed to create an immersive environment where paintings, sculpture, performative events, sound works and shared readings appear alongside drag, and food.

He plans to make continual adjustments to the hang, reconsider how works are staged, and introduce new works currently in transit. Performances and events are being scheduled every Saturday in August, culminating in a day of events and a closing party on Saturday 3rd September.


Amongst many works for sale will be new publications by Edwina Fitzpatrick and Jane Lee, as will selected Italian food products from 4 Cose, a delicatessen created by Cullinan Richards and Andrea Sassi of dispari&dispari projects, Italy.


The creative administration of this project is vital and Project 78 Gallery will be showcasing groups of works with regular social media updates. A photographic archive of events and adjustments to the hang will capture unseen nuances which can be shared in a wider context beyond the show itself. There are plans also to create a publication as part of this dissemination.


Project 78 gallery is not an institution as such, and functions essentially for many people as something else and this exhibition sits within that something else.


Cullinan, Richards

Seamus Farrell

Craig Wood

Jonathan Whitehall

Majella Dowdican

Patrick Adam Jones

Alessandro Raho

Naomi Holdbrook

Peter Lewis, Makiko Nagaya, Joe Banks

Edwina Fitzpatrick

Peter Hofer

Sara Trillo

Janet Louise Hodgson

Howard Sooley

Judith Dean

Donald Smith

Lilly Heywood

Luke Oxley

Nicole Mollet

Hermione Allsopp

Henry Coleman

Jane Lee

Steph Huang

Georgia Nelson

Erika Prüfert Borrell

Rupert Norfolk

Alexandra Drawbridge

Elizabeth Kent

Christine Gist

Joan Key

Latiya Nanton

Jasone Miranda- Bilbao

Anthony Gross

Mark Wright

María Angélica Madero

Patrick ward

Simon Popper

Justin Piperger

Diarmuid Hester and Holly James Johnston

Helen kirwan

Charlotte Moth

Jacqueline Pennell

Laura Emsley

Peter Fillingham

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