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Bird Paradise Dances Under Moon
Earth And
Midnight New Ginea
About Phil


Bird Paradise Dances Under Moon

14/07/18 - 11/08/18


I always have an intention for the painting, which I keep it in mind , but then the painting has its own ideas that I have to let take shape.

I think New Guinea is mysterious so is the birds of paradise and so is the moon, sometimes I look at the moon through the telescope and I can’t understand it, I like to paint things I can’t understand.

When birds of paradise and the moon have left me, I will find new intentions that excite me just as much, but it has to be enough for me to leave them behind.

I give everything to one painting at a time, otherwise its like feeding a pigeon, you feed one and the rest turn up wanting some.

The edge of the painting is important to me, its where everything ends and everything else begins.

I paint on the floor so the last stage of the painting is to then wrestle the painting to the wall, I love to wrestle.

When I leave the studio I am like a mother bird , in search for worms to bring back for my paintings.

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