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12/09/20 - 10/10/20

Ryan Gander

Katerina Kamprani 

Scott King

Aidan Moffat

Jonathan Monk

Lynda Morris 

Simon Newby

Mark Spelman 

Ian Whittlesea

curated by Scott Robertson


Taking a starting point from the character Frédéric in Gustave Flaubert’s ‘Sentimental Education’, Robertson gathers together a mix of artists’ work all focusing on a transformation of sorts. Flaubert deals with longing, to ascend in life, in standing, in love, in the company of others. Every attempt to escape oneself.


From the simple act of giving another artists name while in Starbucks buying coffee (Jonathan Monk), dragging in the detritus of parenting young children to form a modernist facade (Simon Newby) or the simple realisation that ones chance of a rock and roll future are just not meant to be (Scott King). Everyday items yearn for change, but render themselves useless in the process (Katerina Kamprani), Artists gazing into another artists world (Ryan Gander),  paintings used as tools to try and transform the physical and physic state of those who gaze upon them (Ian Whittlesea) and a dark and humorous self analysis (Mark Spelman).

New and existing work is brought together to explore the simple act of change.


Included in the show are two specially produced editions. Curator and writer Lynda Morris has become the artist in a small run book, and musician Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap, Lucky Pierre) has produced a 7inch vinyl in collaboration with Robertson. Both editions available from and at the gallery. There is also an accompanying limited edition artists catalogue written by artist and curator Scott Robertson available from the online editions shop and in the gallery.

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