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25/03/23 - 13/05/23

I turn to drawing whilst waiting for other ideas to come.


This means that I make a lot of drawings.


Often the work is obsessive; in the process, subject material and concept.


This series of work - ‘Things I like’ – stemmed from that interest in cataloguing and collection, focused upon documenting and sorting similar items.  This collation is not from any quantifiable source, but simply ordering things in my head.  They are work of obsession and order, built from that core interest of drawing and doing whatever I can to escape committing to other work.  


Spending time making smaller drawings, ideas slowly formed about creating something on a larger scale.  I always prefer the process more than the outcome, but, being weaned on an Eighties diet of comics, computers and board games, I always want the outcome to be something that I and others can enjoy.  The larger scale piece feels like the start of a new journey around this, where the method of construction and final resolution are intertwined and equally satisfying.   


Martin Symons

March 2023


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