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Rubble Show
Rubble Show Poster
Rubble Show
Rubble Show Poster


Barbara Williams

Beverley Thornley

Catriona Pavek

Celeste Barker

Naomi Grace Harte

Thilaka Markham

18/08/18 - 02/09/18


Starting from the rubble, six artists explore what the concept may mean for us in the 21st century, covering ideas of breakdown and renewal, concealment and exposure, degradation and spectacle, loss and hope. 


The word rubble is usually seen applied to the remains of collapsed buildings - as rocks, bricks, and building materials affected by the destructive forces of nature or of man. This exhibition takes the idea of ‘rubble’ and applies it to both material and non-material aspects of society such as values, bodies, institutions, memory, plants, language: what is often seen as permanent could be ‘reduced to rubble’. However forces of ruin may be countered by creative energies of renewal. Just as building rubble holds a sense of past, present and future, so the vestiges of other aspects of our lives can signal not only traces of collapse, but also potential transformation, a desire or hope for the new.


A range of materials and processes, including forms of rubble fragments, will be used to convey complex propositions. The work may encompass considerations of the domestic, of civilisation, language, representation, time, the erotic, memory and transition.

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