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as small as the world and as large as alone

16/03/19 - 06/04/19


Sinéid Codd’s practice is complex, innovative and experimental. Her work is both deeply rooted in the power of objects and the psychogeography of place. She has a magpie-like compulsion to pick up and respond to found objects, which, combined with her love of colour often results in work that is both beautiful and intriguing. 


Sinéid expresses her process and work as “a dialogue between the literal and the imaginative.” In this site responsive installation, as small as the world and as large as alone. ,which takes it’s title from lines by E.E.Cummings, there is a request for interaction. The images and objects in the space become a series of lenses that we are asked to navigate, their materiality giving way to our own imagination. Sinéid offers viewers an invitation to imagine into a co-created world.

The creative space between the history and the transformation of the object is activated in fossilised and fragile cast sculptures, punctured and unpredictable - like our own memories. Around the walls of the space, portals to somewhere else offer momentary chances for slipping through and away. We are here and we are there, a puzzle of space and time.


Text with thanks to friends’ contributions, especially Dana Brass

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