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Clive Garland


03/12/20 - 19/12/20


Why Beyond The Remparts?


These works evolved from extended visits to the South France staying on the only prominent elevation just outside St Paul de Vence, where sounds from the C16 medieval town and its surrounding area reverberate from the fortifications, ebbing and flowing down and around the steep terrace slopes, echoing and discharging into a sonic landscape.


Doors slamming, low radios, high TVs, Church bells, mopeds, building sites, fireworks, concerts, revving cars, helicopters, voices, footsteps, water fountains, rain, wind, thunder ……….


All mirrored from the stone structures each offering different qualities of colour and atmosphere which circle and drift, reminiscent of a walk around the town.

The drawings are a combination and manipulation of observation and streams of thought. Modifications are made due to the plasticity of memory unlocking a curiosity to embark on a visual investigation and journey; mechanisms are freely unleashed to unpack the experiences to be orchestrated into a unique context.

The drawings evolve into a relationship between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the recognized and the unidentifiable.


The result is not a narrative but allows a radical investigation exploring particular sensibilities to incorporate unorthodox elements that allow ambiguity to elicit a distinct sense of space, movement, volume, shape and line to target a specific resonance(s).  


The work enables the thought to become concrete, present and real. A connection with a specific point in time via filters, a rethink that embraces pattern, change, refraction, reflection, perception, a re-engagement with the relationship of place.


Sound and the memory of sound, this primal instinct goes some way into proving our existence and presence at a particular point and place in time; just as a smell can pinpoint and reignite a memory.


A frozen moment to be inherited by the viewer.

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