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01/08/20 - 29/08/20



Project 78 is delighted to announce the restart of our exhibition programme with Moribund State(s) by Jim Hobbs. This exhibition has been 18 months in the making and is a perfect reflection of the ideology and intention of Project 78.

For Moribund State(s), Hobbs has returned to his childhood home (Ohio, USA) in order to confront the place where one is originally from.  With a perspective that is only gained from a distance (in both time and space), he has gathered indigenous materials in order to forge a series of new works which poetically ascribe a familiar yet foreign place. Anamorphic 16mm film projection combined with digital animation, light pieces choreographed with computer coding (housed in stripped down industrial looking structures inspired by antiquated parabolic lighting blueprints from his father’s archive), new school/old school polaroid photographs, and sounds whose manipulation is a deconstruction of time and meaning from a “recorded prayer”.  Together, they work on loops but as they have different time spans they endlessly make new pieces/conversations/connections constantly reinventing the work, with chaos and calm arriving at unpredictable times. The work and the implied narrative hint at something: distance, time, relationship to space/place.  These interweaving sensorial systems enable unexpected things to happen.  There is a poetry here - an ethereal sense of the known, the recognized. The governance of the personal finds contact points with something much larger, something more human, something with which we can all relate.  


We are also pleased to announce the launch of Project 78 Press with an accompanying publication for Moribund State(s). It is a limited edition catalogue with texts by Michael Smith, Lisa Peachey and Sophie Shrubb. As a first edition, it is limited to 150 copies, hand numbered and signed by the artist. The 124 page catalogue is 148mm x 105mm and contains both colour and B&W images.


Additionally, Hobbs has produced two limited edition sets of prints, housed in a bespoke Moribund State[s] box.  One set is a collection of Hobbs’ polaroid photographs capturing both sides of iconic road-side signs in Ohio. The other set is a collection depicting preparatory sketches, film stills, and objects which are interwoven into the exhibition. Each set is made up of 12 prints (21cm X 15cm) and is limited to an artist edition of 10.


These are available to purchase in the gallery or alternatively from our online edition shop.

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